• Dating
  • Why Do Women Lose Interest in Nice Guys?


    Wow, I’m not easily impressed, but this video is incredibly eye-opening and accurate. You’ll discover how to talk to women in such a way that you become the guy she fantasizes about… ===> http://www.dating-guidance.net/go/taoofbadass Does this sound familiar? You meet a woman that you are REALLY interested in. You have an amazing conversation with her, […]

  • Body Language
  • 6 Signs It’s Lust, Not Love


    6 Signs It’s Lust, Not Love It happens to many guys, where you’ve got a girl for one thing and a girl for another, and you don’t really want to lose either of them, but you don’t really know why. Women do it too; they call it having male friends. You’re not necessarily doing anything […]