7 Nonverbal Cues that She’s Using to Say She Likes You


                                       7 Nonverbal Cues that She’s Using to Say She Likes You

How many times have you been on a date and just wished that you could read her mind a bit better? What if all you needed was one subtle look in her direction, and you could get all of the clues you needed to know what she was thinking? Well, you don’t need to know everything she’s thinking; the only thing that is on your mind is, “Does she like me?”

There are a number of nonverbal cues she could be throwing you right now that are giving you the green light that say, “Yes, very much so.” These are the top seven nonverbal cues your date will use when she is trying to tell you in her own pretty way that she likes you and likes you a lot. Memorize these before your next first date.

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The Details:

  1. Eye contact. The more prolonged the eye contact, the more she likes you. She will want to gaze into your eyes meaningfully, trying to search your soul as she does so, if she is attracted to you, according to a recent study out of Dartmouth University.


If your date’s eyes are wandering, she might be bored. Try switching conversation topics, or say something funny to redirect her. If they are fixated on you, don’t change a thing.

  1. Her pupils are dilated. Dilated pupils occur when the darkness or black of the eye, known as the pupil, becomes big and round and covers up more of the colored space of the eye than the iris itself.


Many studies on nonverbal communication have pinpointed dilated pupils as the No. 1 sign of attraction between a man and woman. It is a universal human response that we cannot control. If her pupils are dilated, she is into you.

  1. Eyebrow lift. This is a nonverbal cue that literally only lasts a microsecond, but you can catch it if you are paying attention. This nonverbal sign is an expression that our eyebrows make when we are interested in or attracted to someone. It involves a slight wrinkling of the forehead and a little eyebrow flash that you can miss if you aren’t paying attention.
  2. The position of her legs is very revealing. This is the case whether or not she is wearing a miniskirt. Where she positions her legs is her subconscious way of telling you straight up what her intentions are and if she likes you.

If her legs are pointed toward the door, she is preparing her exit. If they are pointed toward you, she intends to stay a while. Dr. Lilian Glass is a body language expert and author of Toxic People and says that where her legs are will tell you everything. If they are open slightly, that is a subtle invitation. If they are crossed at the ankles, she is trying to tell you that she is demure, but available. Crossed at the knees, and you will have a tougher time getting to know her, but she still wants you to find her ladylike and feminine. If they are crossed at the knees but still pointed in your direction, just take your time, she will warm up eventually.

  1. She’s already touched you without provocation. She found a reason to touch you ¾ there was some lint on your shoulder, a funny thing in your hair or a smudge on your tie she was helping you with. There probably wasn’t any of those things. She just wanted to touch you because she likes you.
  2. She touches herself. If she has tried the gentle touch to flirt with you and you have been nonresponsive, she might try touching herself to meet the same goal. This is subconscious preening that she is using to make sure she is still attracted to you.

Pay attention to where she touches because she is also sending you a subtle message that she wants you to touch her there as well. She will run her hands through her hair, touch her lips and subtly touch her neck to draw attention to these areas for you. These are only microsecond movements that you may need to watch to catch, but even if you aren’t, the subconscious effect is the same.

  1. She whispers something in your ear. Here, it is not so much the whispering, as it is the leaning in. She is looking for a reason to get close to you, and she knows the intimacy and closeness of whispered contact. So she is using that to tell you a secret, like she thinks the waitress is a real dumb blonde or something that has an equal “non-event” status to it. She doesn’t care what you think about the waitress; she cares what you think about her whispering in your ear.

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to nonverbal cues that you can take from her to gauge her interest level, there are more she is giving you than you might think. Pay attention to where her legs are positioned and how her eyes are making contact with you.

If her pupils are dilated and she is smiling, you’ve been given the green light with this girl. But even if you don’t see these signs, that does not mean hope is lost. Even the women that are the toughest to read will slip on these subconscious cues that will tell you everything that you need to know.


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