7 Great Places to Meet Women



       7 Great Places to Meet Women

Learn how to get girls yet? You’ve mastered all of the dating advice and tips the gods and gurus have offered. At least you think you have, but you have yet to put them all to the test. Armed as you are with all of the right Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with the opposite sex, you are now fully equipped to actually…deal with them.

Why aren’t they all flocking to you as you imagined they would be once you became this all-knowing soul? Well, give them time, and give them a chance. The No. 1 rule for putting yourself out there is that no matter how educated you are on the topic, you still need to actually put yourself out there. And here are seven great places to meet women that will help you do just that.

The Details:

  1. Online. If you haven’t done so yet, boot up an online profile at a dating site. This is no longer the desperado of options for meeting women; it is the way of the world now. This will at least introduce you to the way that singles are interacting today and will start to give you an idea of what you are looking for.
  2. Everyday places. If you are looking for an everyday person just like yourself, use your everyday places as the best places to meet women. As long as they are places that women go to as well, they are perfect.


Good relationships start off on a common ground, and great dates do as well. That cute girl you always see in the coffee shop on Saturday mornings? Why haven’t you asked her out yet?

  1. Places in or near your work. This only makes sense from a convenience perspective, but think long-term here as well. Of course it would help to meet someone that is right near your work, but it will also help your relationship in the long term as well.

How many relationships do you know that ended due to distance? That won’t happen to you if you use this option for meeting women. You may have a strict, don’t-dip-your-pen-in-the-company-ink rule, but that doesn’t mean you can’t date that cute lawyer from the 37th floor you keep bumping into on the elevator.

  1. Your neighbors. How well do you know your neighbors? Did you see someone cute move in and are eager to learn “their story”? Have you been eying their drive to see if any cars show up casually on Friday or Saturday nights? Do you even know your neighbors? Start taking a walk in your neighborhood, and if someone catches your eye, say hello, and ask them why you’ve never seen them before because you are SURE you would remember them. And what woman wouldn’t want to rescue a single man who is experiencing the emergency of being out of flour? Be creative. Be comfortable. It’s just about putting yourself out there.


  1. Your favorite store. Don’t go to her favorite store like some other men’s articles will tell you. Women don’t generally like being hit on by strangers when they are shopping for lingerie or perfume. But if you start chatting with women you see in your favorite store, once again, you will have that common connection right off the bat.Check to see if she is wearing a ring first of course, but if she’s not, there’s no reason you can’t start up a conversation while you are both waiting for the Geek Squad to fix your laptops, for example. Even better, while she is waiting for the Geek Squad to attend to her, rescue her by solving her computer problem for her before she needs to spend a dime. It’s those little things that make women swoon. Just think of what a great “How did you two meet?” story you will have.
  2. Check into any Chapters or Indigo on any random Saturday afternoon and you will have quite the bevy of options when it comes to women. This is another one where common sense is in order, and you are best served by checking out the sections that interest you the most.


Don’t hang around the self-help or mummy tummy aisles as she will think you are either unavailable or a possible stalker. You don’t want to get any mall security involved; you just want to meet women. Starting up random conversations with them about a topic you are already comfortable with in your favorite section of the bookstore is only good common sense.

  1. The movie theater. You would be surprised at how many women go to the movies alone. Single women in particular do this a lot after their friends start getting married, and they have less social time. You may not know this already because you’ve never been to the movies alone yourself. Why not start?

Everybody loves to have a movie partner, and if you happen to see the same pretty lady in there for the Sunday matinees more than once, why not ask her to save you a seat next time?

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to meeting women, the entire world is your oyster. These seven ideas are just starting points to get the creativity flowing. You can meet women anywhere in the world; the only thing you have to do is put yourself out there and start making random conversations in places you are already comfortable with.

It may take some practice, but there is a very fine line between being friendly and over-the-top. Generally speaking, most women don’t mind when people strike up conversation with them out of the blue on a topic they are already comfortable with. Even if nothing comes out of it, you will have succeeded in flattering a woman with your attention alone, and learning that art is a skill in and of itself. Don’t be shy. Just say, “Hi,” and go after the love you deserve!


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